PC man’s into flower power

East London’s favourite “computer guy”, John Goodrich , who fixes old computers and donates them to needy schools, has now come up with a novel way of recycling plastic: he uses the casing of the older model computer monitors as flower or herb pots.

GOING GREEN: John Goodrich recycles computer screen cases by using them as flower pots outside his PC Wize offices

“We were battling to get rid of the casings of the blown monitors and were looking for uses for them, because most of the other parts are taken by the recycling places.

“But no one wanted to take the plastic [monitor casings] off me, so about two months ago I decided to turn them into pots to be used for flowers or even herbs.

“As you can see, they work well,” says John .

He is giving the unusual pots, complete with their plants, away to anyone who wants one, for free.

The good Samaritan reached a milestone recently when he installed his 100th second-hand computer at an underprivileged school in the province.

“Not all the machines that are donated to me make it to the schools because they are not all in proper working order.

“In most cases, I have to take the parts of two or three machines to build one good machine for a school or [children’s] home.

“I just want to thank the East London public for all their computer and computer equipment donations they have given so far. A special thanks to T-Systems, who have just given us the biggest donation to date – about 150 computers which will go into schools when the schools reopen,” says a delighted John .

He also says that the training of students at his PC Wize computer school is going well and is appealing to businesses to employ his students.

“I want to ask businesses around East London to employ people who have a PC Wize certificate because I guarantee they know what they are doing when it comes to computers,” said John .

To donate computers to John , and in turn to a needy school, or to collect one of his monitor case flower pots , contact him on 072-140-1941.


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