Bate Chubb & Dickson Inc

BATE Chubb & Dickson Inc, established in 1905, is managed by a board of six directors, namely Angus Warren, Ashley Kretzmann, Lindesay Jones, Jason Chambers, Melanie Kopke and Andile Dabula.

They are all uniquely skilled, with each specialising in different fields of law, to cater for the needs of their established and diverse client base.

“We offer a professional legal expertise in various fields [see advert on this page],” Warren said.

In a tough economic climate, every cent counts. Every seller has the right to insist on the appointment of his attorney (conveyancer) to attend to property transactions, so as to ensure that the process is managed efficiently.

Although the appointment of the attorney is negotiable between purchaser and seller, it is customary for the seller to appoint the conveyancer. “The purchaser bears the costs of registration of transfer, at the prevailing tariff recommended by the Law Society, or as negotiated with the nominated attorney,” he explained.

“Make sure you receive the best possible advice from your sales agent or attorney BEFORE signing the agreement.

“Buyers and sellers beware of the hidden costs of failing to ensure that the agreement records all known defects, whether the seller is responsible for woodborer and dry rot certificates, electrical installation certificate, gas installation certificate, electric fence compliance certificate,” Warren said.

“[Also make sure] the agreement furthermore records all material terms such as the timing and payment of a deposit, suspensive conditions (for example, sale of an existing property by the purchaser before the agreement becomes binding, approval of finances), an appropriately worded ‘72-hour clause’[whereby the seller is entitled to continue to market the property freely until the purchaser is able to secure his finances through the sale of his property and/or through a financial institution], anticipated date of transfer of the property and /or occupation, occupational rental etc.”

The Consumer Protection Act affords the purchaser significant protection particularly where the property is purchased from a developer. Agreements are required in terms of the Consumer Protection Act to be fair, reasonable, and consistent with marketing and advertising pitches by the developer or his agent.


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