Fine balancing act

DYNAMIC, multi-talented businesswoman, mom, athlete and community activist, Bonnie Currin, believes success is gained by finding a balance in all spheres of life.

The GO! is highlighting Currin’s achievements in celebration of Women’s Month.

“Women are super-beings; we can succeed in all areas, as we are truly the stronger gender!” she says.

After spending 15 years climbing the corporate ladder within the recruitment, HR and marketing industry sub-sectors, and being appointed divisional director of a JSE-listed company by age 34, Currin decided to take the plunge and achieve her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Now she serves as captain of Current Consulting, vice-chairperson of the Businesswomen’s Association (BWA), and APSO committee member. She loves spending time assisting other women in achieving their goals.

“I believe a woman has to be strong, assertive, resilient and tenacious, yet empathetic with a lot of energy and drive; it all boils down to attitude and passion!” Currin says.

“A frustration of mine is hearing women say they have had it tough in a male- dominated environment or faced challenges being a woman. I don’t believe I have faced challenges being a woman in business, I will never use being a woman as an excuse,” Currin says.

“I strongly believe in networking and building a personal brand that people can trust to use and refer. You need to belong to a networking group, such as the BWA where the members support each other. The business world is a tough place, and although we are mothers and wives, we can’t put half effort into our careers and expect success,” she adds.

Achieving in business is not all that’s important to Currin. “I don’t believe work-life balance is working 8 to 5, but rather finding time to fit it all in which takes flexibility and discipline.”

She emphasises the importance of prioritising time with her family.

“My husband Mark is my mentor, best friend and lover, and my children, Ethan and Alyx, are my purpose and motivators to stretch myself, as I hope to inspire them to be the best they can.

“ We believe families that play together, stay together!”

She achieved a bronze medal at the Comrades Marathon this year and uses running to de-stress.

She gives back to the community through Surfs Up Grom Surf Club, Wild Women on the run initiative to fundraise for African Angels, running the marketing for Masithethe Counselling Centre and serving on the school PTA.

“Don’t ever take the back seat, be driven in all aspects of your life and find independence as it will empower you. Modern women have the responsibility to teach our daughters to love themselves not for what they look like, but for what they are able to achieve being a woman”.


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