Ozone therapy a vital boost

THE Coast Wellness Team has now welcomed the addition of MorHealth, a medical ozone therapy practice.

If you would like to add years to your life and life to your years, come along and experience the benefits of medical ozone.

Riccy Durrheim is a clinical nursing specialist majoring in psychiatric nursing.

UNIQUE OFFERING: Riccy Durrheim is a clinical nurse specialist at Coast Wellness Centre and is ready to help you with medical ozone therapy

She is passionate about helping people reach their optimum health potential, and loves nothing more than to see clients living life to the fullest without being hindered by poor health.

This unique clinic provides holistic treatment, caring for the physical, emotional and psycho-social needs of every client that walks through their doors.

Medical ozone therapy itself has been practised for more than 140 years and its therapeutic benefits are immense.

Medical ozone works by increasing the oxygen in the cells in your entire body which promotes health and reduces the risk of disease.

For people suffering with chronic illness, ozone therapy can provide relief of symptoms such as pain and can improve the effectiveness of treatment, as well as correct the imbalance within the cell. Ozone is not only beneficial for people suffering with illness, but also healthy people who would like to detox and improve their overall wellbeing. It also provides a boost in immunity and aids in weight loss. In these cases, the person would embark on a course of 10 relaxing ozone saunas.

Athletes can also benefit from ozone therapy as it removes lactic acid from muscles and helps to improve performance. A full list of the different treatment modalities and their benefits can be found on www.morhealth.co.za

Inquiries: contact Coast Wellness on (043)783-1212.


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