Only gift many kids will get

GIVING JOY: Father Christmas hands excited  little   Unako   Best  a party pack, donated by Rhythmica Ricketts Picture: QHAMANI LINGANI

“This area is very dear to me, that’s why I chose the school”
CHILDREN and teachers at the Duncan Village Day Care Centre were treated to party packs on Monday by kind-hearted citizen Rhythmica Ricketts.

The party packs consisted of a packet of chips, juice, sweets, chocolate and sugar cane. Ricketts said she chose the day care because when she and her brother used to walk past it on their way to school, a woman who worked at the school (but is no longer there) always asked them if they wanted some bread.

“This area is very dear to me, that is why I chose the school,” she said.

“Another thing, when I used to walk to East London High School with my brother, we never experienced any crime or harm done to us. This is our way of saying thank you,” she said.

The school opened in 1989 and caters for 120 children between the ages of one to five, its principal, Somikazi Binza said.

Binza said the Department of Social Development only provided subsidies for 55 children.

“We never receive any donations, this is the first time. It has warmed my heart.

“Some of these kids will not receive anything during the festive period, now at least they will have something to remember,” she said.


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