BPS gets new toilets Hollywood Bets sponsors upgrade

HOLLYWOOD Bets in King William’s Town have brought smiles and joy to the faces of staff and pupils at Breidbach Primary School (BPS) and the community at large with the upgrading of the school’s toilets last week.

They have appointed a contractor to give the school’s toilets a facelift by replacing and fixing all defects, which have been a major concern for parents over the past few years.

Hollywood provincial marketing officer Salvanna Bellairs said the school was situated within close distance from the King branch and the project was their way of saying thank you and ploughing back into the community.

“We visited the school and were shocked by the state of the toilets and after consultation with our head office, decided to appoint a contractor to bring about some change,” Bellairs said.

Contractor Ricardo Douglas said he replaced all broken items and painted doors.

“I also tiled both toilets and fixed all the plumbing.

“This is the little I can contribute to the school and community as a proud parent who had a child in the school,” Douglas said.

An elated BPS principal Ivan Harry praised Hollywood for the gesture shown.

Harry said: “Hollywood bets contacted us to ask for a wishlist and we identified the upgrade of the toilets.

“They have appointed a contractor themselves who is doing much more than he tendered for and we truly appreciate their kindness and generosity from the bottom of our hearts.”

The school governing body chairman Deon Alexander was also ecstatic about the new development taking place at the school and thanked all parties involved.

“A big thank you to Hollywood Bets for such a wonderful, healthy investment and to the contractor Ricardo Douglas as this is the best Christmas gift to our 38-year-old school,” Alexander said.

“Our dear parents’ prayers have been answered as the toilet facilities were one of their primary concerns for their children’s health.”

ALL SMILES: Hollywood Bets staff Bongi Tshabe, left, Onke Cungwa, front, marketing offi- cer Salvanna Bellairs, centre and Nosiseko Mdolomba, right, pose with BPS principal Ivan Harry, second from left, and Ri- cardo Douglas, second from right, at the upgraded school toilets Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

Alexander also urged all business, religious institutions, sporting codes and parents to please adopt a classroom at the school as proposed by government through the Moral Regeneration Movement.

Alexander called on all parents with children at the school to come and view the new toilets on January 9 and 10.


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