Christmas lunch for those in need

KENNITA Parry held a Christmas lunch on Sunday for the elderly and disadvantaged children in her community, complete with mountains of food and a jumping castle.

Parry has been running her community project around the city for the past 16 years; she makes fruit and vegetable parcels, organises a soup kitchen in her home and holds various events in aid of those in need in her community. “I am Trying very hard to make a difference so what I have, I give. I love to see people happy” said Parry.

The Garcia Flats community is home to many individuals in need. Parry aims to uplift and encourage her community in order to a sense of unity. She believes that by helping others she can encourage them to help each other. Her Christmas lunch did just that; “It was amazing. The example that Kennita sets for us is so uplifting. By doing something little like this she inspires a bond in the community,” said Allenice Meeks (Garcia Flats resident/ community member).

Needy children and the elderly from Cambridge were treated to an early Christmas party at the weekend and despite the rainy weather, enjoyed it Picture: SUPPLIED


Parry relies solely on sponsors, namely Bryan Abrahams, Malcom Groep, Sister Kolida, Grant Mayeye, St Marks Anglican Church, Elzea Snacks and B&A Cosmetics and is eternally grateful for their support. “I want to thank them for being so good to me. It is very difficult because I am by myself, but if I have their help and faith my project is a success,” said Parry.

In the New Year, Parry would like to organise monthly outings for both the disadvantaged elderly and children in her community. The continuous support of her sponsors as well as any future support ensures the continued success of her project.



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