OUTSTANDING: The Clarendon High School matrics of 2016 have achieved an outstanding set of results, which reflect the strong work ethic and dedication to excellence which prevail in the school and are part of its ethos. The school’s 24th year of 100% pass rate consisted of a third place in the province for its dux, Moya Eybers, eight cum laude passes, 43 A aggregates, 400 subject distinctions, 60 B aggregates, 36 C aggregates; 141 Bachelor passes and two Diploma passes. ‘We are proud of every single one of these girls,’ read a statement from the school. ‘The matrics of 2016 accepted the challenge and produced their best efforts to improve, to succeed. Congratulations to all of them.’ Pictured is Clarendon dux Moya Eybers at the annual Clarendon prizegiving last year


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