BLOWING UP A STORM: Legends Showcase held their first Street Gig in Greenfields yesterday and the morning music shows will pop up all around town this week. They partied up a storm from 6.30 to 7.30am on the corner of Settlers Way and Clovelly Road to bring smiles to gloomy faces. ‘We do this to entertain people on a boring route to school and also to raise awareness of our music school. They must hoot when they see us and this creates a vibe and brings smiles in the morning,’ organiser Nicky Hempel said. This morning (Thursday), the band played at the corner of Estuary Drive and Main Street in Gonubie. They will be at the corner of Dawson Road and Union Avenue in Selborne tomorrow (Friday), corner of Beach Road and Old Transkei Road in Nahoon next Tuesday and on Qumza Highway in Mdantsane next Thursday. The band members are, from left, Kwande Cakata, Sibusiso Slatsha, Geoffrey Lottering and Isaac Agyemang. Support them by giving them a hoot


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