Special needs daycare centre robbed

A daycare centre which caters for children with special needs in Cambridge was robbed by five men during the early hours of yesterday morning.


Hands on daycare centre in Cambridge East London was robbed in the early hours of yesterday morning. The daycare takes care of special needs children.

Police said the break-in, which took place shortly after 2am, was at Hands On Educare situated in Mayfair Road.

Police spokesman Captain Nkosikho Mzuku said the men forced their way into the building after breaking a window.

Once inside the house the men located the 43-year-old centre principal Patricia Marsh, who was sleeping with her 10-year-old daughter.

Her 20-year-old son was sleeping in the next room.

Mzuku said the occupants were rounded up and robbed of valuables including cellphones, bank cards, clothes, computers, a camera and a TV set.

“The men are still at large. We urge anyone with information about the crime to contact the investigating officer Warrant Officer Sandile Tongo on 043-722-9718 or 082-301-7345,” Mzuku said.

The pupils taught by Marsh every day live with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia and down’s syndrome.

Our sister newspaper, Daily Dispatch spoke to a parent whose child was turned away from school as a result of the crime.

“She lost everything and she is not insured. They took everything.

“The children were sent home because there were police investigators at the daycare centre,” the parent said.

“[Marsh] has helped so many people in this town. If some parents do not have money for school fees she does not send the kids away.

“She allows them to pay whenever they can.”

The parent called on the community to rally behind Hands On Educare centre by donating old computers, printing and fax machines.

“The parents of the kids she teaches are not wealthy. Some will help rebuild the school but some just can’t. There aren’t a lot of disabled schools in East London.

“Where will our kids learn if we don’t help,” the parent said.


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