Urgent plea for help to care for babies

Centre struggling as more children brought in

UTHIXO Ulungile Ministries in Stoney Drift is desperately looking for donations for their baby centre.

The centre normally cares for less than 20 babies, however, this year, it already has 26 babies.

CARING HEARTS: Joshua   Minter , centre in black shirt, and the staff of uThixo Ulungile Ministries are in desperate need of baby food and toiletries for the poor babies and children they care for Picture: FILE

Centre spokesman Joshua Minter  said they would not be able to take in more than 30 babies.

The babies at the centre come from different parts of East London, such as Reeston, Duncan Village and Stoney Drift.

UThixo Ulungile Ministries also runs a free school and an after- school programme for children in the area. Three meals a day are also provided for the underprivileged pre-school children, who mainly live in informal settlements.

They also provide one meal for the pupils when they leave school and a soup kitchen for the community, five days a week.

“We officially have 26 babies in our baby centre of love. This is amazing and we have the wonderful opportunity to love each one of these little ones. This is also a wonderful opportunity to help partner with us, as providing for these wonderful babies will require everyone’s help,” Minter  wrote in a plea for assistance on the centre’s Facebook page.

“There is a lot that we need as we spend a lot of money on food because we have to make sure that we feed them [the children] healthy food,” he said.

The pre-school and feeding scheme are in desperate need of: mattresses, chairs and tables, cots, walking rings, nappies, wet wipes, baby formula, baby porridge, water bottles, bottles, face cloths and baby products.

To assist in any way, contact Minter  on 073-135-4673.


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