Auditions for EL-produced short series

IF YOU think you have the ability to make magic in front of the camera, here is your chance to audition for Umafungwashe – a short series which will be shot and produced in East London this year.

Umafungwashe was written by Unathi Dyubula, the founder of Scenery Park community radio station Kumkani FM.

Dyubula initially wrote the story for the radio station, but due to listener demand, he decided to convert it into a series.

Working with East London-born production students, he does not have all the money in the world to produce the series, but said the passion and love they have for the entertainment industry will take them places.

Umafungwashe is a story about a business family man who has children out of wedlock. He wants all his children to learn the ropes of his business, but his wife doesn’t want that for the children born out of wedlock.

The man dies and everyone starts fighting over the inheritance, but eventually her first-born child unites everyone.

“The series has six seasons, each with 10 episodes. The script for season one is ready. We are looking for people who can portray the characters as our mission is to develop the local entertainment industry,” Dyubula said.

According to him, they do not have a budget but have equipment for the production. They also not have sponsors.

“We plan to shoot and then show to potential sponsors for them to see that we have the ability to make something great.”

They are going to shoot at the Miriam Makeba and Dolce Sound Studios, and they plan to package it as a DVD and sell it.

Auditions will take place this Saturday and Sunday at the Scenery Park Community Hall from 11am.


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