Mdantsane warned to use water sparingly or face crisis

Mdantsane residents, reduce your water usage right now!

There have been major bursts in a large or main pipes supplying Mdantsane and the network of reservoirs which supply the area are running critically low and no more water can be pumped into them to keep the flow going, announced BCM water supply services progamme manager Luthando Mqwabalala.

Mdantsane warned to use water sparingly or face crisis

The bursts are likely to cause water outages in large areas of Buffalo City Metro, especially Mdantsane and the western areas of the metro, said Mqwabalala in an  emergency announcement at 11.56am.

Mqwabalala said: “We have a major pipe burst on the pumping main from Umzonyana (water treatment works) to Mdantsane Outspan Reservoirs and Bulk Pump Station for Mdantsane.

“This burst pipe has significantly reduced the bulk water supply to Mdantsane, as a result the distribution reservoirs are critically low, which may lead to water interruptions in some of the areas, especially the highlying areas.

“This may affect Ilitha, Needs Camp, Ncera villages up to Kaysers Beach as Amatola Water are currently sending all the water to Mdantsane.

“Maintenance teams are on site to do the repairs but it may take more than 12 hours to complete the repair due to the size of the water main and difficult site conditions, which are worsened by Izinyoka.”

The public was requested to use water sparingly “during this period to avoid water outages”.


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