Big turnout at Tomato Trot

THE annual Red Baron Tomato Trot took place last Saturday and attracted thousands of runners, walkers, cyclists and supporters.

Among them was former Comrades Marathon winner Alan Robb, who competed in the 15km Tomato Trot run.

A total of 530 athletes competed in the 15km run, and coincidentally, there were 530 cyclists who competed across the various cycling distances (55km, 35km, 15km and 8km).

The fun run attracted 1125 people, with an estimated 3500 runners, cyclists and supporters showing up for a day full of adventure. Sincere congratulations to all who took part and especially to those who placed in their races.

The results for the various races are as follows:


15km run

1Mgobu Bulelani

2Mambula Zuko

3Zingisile Marikeni

55km cycle

1Jason Reed

2Zachary Swart

3Loyd Vos

35km cycle

1Joshua Doubell

2Emile Streicher

3Sam Waterson

15km cycle

1Bradley Kockott

2Wade Cloete

3Jordan Oberem

8km cycle

1Alessandro Fanicchi

2David Randall

3Ferdinand Stal


15km run

1Andrea Ranger

2Madelyn Le Roux

3Elen Hem Stenderson

55km cycle

1Michelle Schlebusch

2Michelle Powell

3Robyn Emslie

35km cycle

1Hayley Mcloughlin

2Lisa Schetz

3Karen Cafree

15km cycle

1Megan Emslie

2Jackie Burmeister

3Lynda Graetz

8km cycle

1Joanna Faram

2Kellie Dewing

3Michelle Barnes

PUSHING IT: Mgobu Bulelani, who won first place in the Tomato Trot’s 15km run last weekend, in full stride


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