Old directory drive hits Eastern Cape

GET your old Yellow Pages ready because the Old Telephone Directory Drive is back for another recycling competition.

This competition is open to all schools around the Eastern Cape who, by entering and collecting as many old telephone directories as possible, stand a chance to win great prizes. NPOs (non profit organisations) are also welcome to participate.

The Old Telephone Directory Drive, run by Trudon (publishers of the Yellow Pages) in conjunction with The Waste Takers, is a national competition and was launched in the Eastern Cape for the first time last year.

“I wanted to bring national recycling competitions/initiatives to our schools in the Eastern Cape, giving them the same opportunities as their counterparts to participate in a worthy cause while learning about being responsible towards their environment,” founder and managing director for The Waste Takers, Mary Phillips said.

The competition requires schools to collect as many old phone directories as they can in order for them to be recycled. The initiative aims to encourage a positive and respectful attitude towards environment.

“First and foremost our objective is to educate and empower communities about the impact recycling has on our environment as well as the economic and social benefits,” Phillips said.

Schools are required to collect a minimum of 500 old directories to be eligible for the prizes and will also receive a tree to be planted at their schools at an award ceremony. Prizes include school supplies up to the value of R5000. There are also individual Spur vouchers for individuals, who collect more than 200 books.

Additionally schools will receive 50c per telephone directory collected to be recycled as well as 50c per kg of extra white paper collected for recycling.

“We encourage business and the general public to support the schools with donating their 2016/2017 and older telephone directories,” Phillips said.

The Waste Takers goal for this year is to collect and recycle at least 10% of the approximately 118000 telephone directories that are distributed in East London and surrounding areas.

“Last year 10 schools participated from East London and we recycled 3000kg. We hope that 20 schools will come on board and that we can collect 6000kg of old directories for recycling,” Phillips said.

“We challenge East London schools, businesses and residents to set the first record nationally by collecting at least 12000 old telephone directories to be recycled.”

The competition ends on February 17 so start collecting those Yellow Pages right away.

For more entry forms and more information please contact Mary Phillips at maxphl80@gmail.com or on 082-651-9417.

ENVIRONMENTAL CARE: George Randall Primary School pupils hold up their Yellow Pages that were collected and recycled by The Waste Takers last year Picture: SUPPLIED


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