Spartan Eatery sizzling away with wide offering

SPARTAN Eatery co-owner Petros Pouroullis speaks marketing and what his restaurant is doing to get more feet into Spartan.


Marketing is an essential part of any business and technology has become one of the most important factors when considering your marketing budget.

As a business owner or for the start-up entrepreneur, a variety of marketing concepts and facilities are available with varying costs. In many cases, we often label the marketing tool as ineffective, however, marketing is all about trial and error and failures should not always be seen as detrimental to your business.

A proper critique of your advert should be done on a regular basis.


Souvla time

The ever popular Spartan Souvla will be held again on February 25. Bookings are essential and we begin serving from 6pm.

The Souvla (Greek braai) was started as a social gathering for our customers to experience Greek food in a festive and relaxed environment. Lamb and chicken pieces are cooked in a traditional rotisserie style for about an hour.

Each piece is hand-rubbed with salt, pepper and oreganum and individually skewered onto a large metal pole (similar to a giant kebab). The meat is cooked over a coal fire for about an hour to allow it to slow roast with a crispy outer layer and soft and tender centre.

The final product is best served with lots of lemon juice and a glass of chilled Ouzo over ice.


Spartan Eatery has recently introduced corporate vouchers to provide employee incentives for businesses or for social gatherings and team-building.

Vouchers are pre-bought and can be custom designed with the corporate logo and a personalised message. The vouchers do not expire and discounts apply for bulk purchases. The restaurant also offers private seating areas, indoor and outdoor, to allow for groups of up to 40 people seated.

These vouchers are also available to book clubs, charity meetings and other social clubs.


Urban Farming is the practice of cultivating, processing and/or distributing food in or around a city.

Last year, a call to the public was made to purchase locally grown avocados.

This social experiment was an excellent indicator in the value of urban farming as the number of avo trees in East London and surrounding areas could potentially provide locally produced goods at a fraction of the cost of importing avos.

This is one such example and we are committed at the restaurant to exploring these possibilities further. Spartan Eatery is requesting local urban farmers to get in contact with us when they have avos available.


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