Lots to tweet about at budgie event

SETTING bird lovers’ hearts aflutter at Kings Mall in Gonubie at the weekend was the East London Budgerigar Society exhibit.

Beautiful, winning show budgies were on display for anyone interested in their vibrant colours and melodic tweets and chirps.

There were also various budgies for sale at the exhibit.

Although this exhibit was merely to show off these beautiful birds, The East London Budgerigar Society will hold the Eastern Cape Provincial Championship show at the end of April.

The show will involve participants competing in 28 different colour groups, exhibiting their birds one per cage.

The birds compete in different classes based on age and gender and the class winners will be chosen to compete for colour and section awards.

BRIGHT CHIRPERS: Kings Mall was a colourful and quite chirpy place to be at the weekend with a budgie exhibit held by the East London Budgerigar Society PictureS: MADELEINE CHAPUT


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