Spreading gospel with nifty footwork

Grace Dance Team bring change

GODLY DANCE : Members of the Grace Dance Team , from left, Amber Exford and Courtneigh Smith strut their stuff to the beat of gospel music to change lives Picture: SUPPLIED

SPREADING the gospel of Jesus Christ and hope to the youth is very important to Grace Dance Team who go around the country dancing to gospel music.

The group consists of three women who all go to Grace Fellowship in Buffalo Flats.

The group, which was started in 2012, has had four productions and they are happy with the way East London is supporting them. They also promote their Worth a Wait campaign.

“We go around to schools in different communities telling young people that they do not have to rush for things; there is a right time for everything. When we visit the schools, we also ask the children to write down their prayer requests” one of the dancers in the group, Amber Exford, said.

“A lot of young girls in our communities fall pregnant at a very young age and we just want them to know that they must wait.”

Leader of the group Clarisa Rutters said they have travelled to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to perform at different churches and events.

“Churches usually invite us to come and dance .We don’t charge them, but if a church can afford to pay for travelling costs and accommodation, they do so,” Rutters said.

“This is our way of worshipping God and ministering to other people. When we visit the schools, we also ask the children to write down their prayer requests and submit them to us. They remain anonymous. Then during our private time, we pray for them,” Rutters said.

The third dancer in the group, Courtneigh Smith, said they have had feedback from the schools’ staff asking them to return because there has been a great change in the pupils after their visit.

To book the group or for more information, call Rutters on 079-855-4125.


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