Residents, security staff make arrest

GONUBIE Protect has once again ensured the safety and security of their community by assisting in making an arrest this week.

On Tuesday, what started out as a “bush walk” in an attempt to weed out criminals in the area, ended in a house robbery response, as well as a response to an assault at Black Rock.

“We received a call that a lady had been assaulted and ran straight from the house robbery we had responded to.

“It was a fantastic success.

“One of our residents, Henri Smit, walked right up to the offender who was hiding deep in the bush,” Gonubie Protect chairman, Daniel Ellis said.

The offender was apprehended, and according to Ellis, taken to the police station where a case has been opened.

RETRIEVED GOODS: Some of the items found when a robber was caught hiding in bushes

Ellis said the house robbery was in 14th Avenue but they arrived too late to catch the suspects.

The case is being investigated by the police.

The bush walks were started in an attempt to look for hide- outs and getaway routes criminals might use.

Residents took to Facebook to commend the arrest and the work being done by Gonubie Protect, security companies and the police in the area.

Gonubie Protect vice- chairman, Louw Myburgh joined in and said: “Thank you to everyone who responded to our call; this would not have been possible without the numbers we had at our disposal.

“The apprehended suspect was found in possession of the goods that were robbed from the lady at Black Rock. ]

“A big thank you also [goes] to our community who supports us with our mission to change our village for the better.”

In the past, these patrols or “bush walks” were done by residents who are members of the neighbourhood watch group, as well as Buffalo City Metro Law Enforcement and the police.

Tuesday’s operation, however, also involved various security companies.

The operation was a joint- effort by Gonubie Protect and several security companies, namely, Starlight, Tactical Task Force, Red Alert, SQ Risk and GPNW, as well as Hardwick and Henderson.

“It was a phenomenal job, and without the security companies we would have had no back-up,” Ellis said.

“The security companies were fantastic, they put their competitiveness aside and were ready to help the community.”

JOINT EFFORT: Members of Gonubie Protect, security companies and the police react to two separate distress calls on Tuesday and helped a resident make one arrest Pictures: DANIEL ELLIS


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