HA!Man back to transfix fans

Le Roux to perform at Arts Theatre

FRANCOIS le Roux, aka the HA!Man, is back for a performance at the Arts Theatre next Friday.

STRINGS TO HIS BOW: HA!Man brings his spontaneous creativity to town at the Arts Theatre next Friday

The HA!Man has been a musical phenomenon over the past 25 years. The core of this performance is spontaneous creativity – the kind of experience that cannot fail to leave you unmoved. For the HA!Man, who is described as one of South Africa’s most talented performers, it is more than just another improvisation session.

It is a quest for the origins of the creative impulse through high levels of skill and a structural undercurrent that ensures a full journey of the emotions.

East London has experienced Le Roux’s performances for more than a decade now, in the form of school performances, workshops, development outreach, public performances and house concerts. Since 2012, he has travelled – and performs – with an actress from Belgium (Joke Debaere), who is on her own journey of spontaneous art discovery. On March 3, however, she will be in Europe, so the Arts Theatre will again feature a solo happening by the HA!Man.

Expect the unexpected (as usual), a musical but also a multi-artistic journey that presents you, the audience, with almost any conceivable musical style.

This is a roller-coaster that asks from both audience – and performer – to let go into the unknown.

The end of this journey of cello, keys, electronics, flutes, dances, visuals, voice and more, is about finding connection – connection between mind and body, between order and chaos and, ultimately, between all of those present. Says poet Norman Morrissey from Hogsback: “The HA!Man is a live force in the vibes of our global creative moment”.

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets cost R90. Tickets available at the door or book at Lee Gold Music.


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