EL schools can win by collecting glass

Chance too for pupils to make difference

We are committed to bringing a greener, cleaner country to the next generation

FOR the first time, schools in East London are invited to join in the fun and recycle glass to win great prizes for their school with The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC).

The Glass Recycling Company has kick-started this year the green way by launching the Annual Glass Recycling Schools Competition.

The company invites schools to get involved and make a difference to the environment.

GO GREEN: For the first time ever, East London schools can join in The Glass Recycling Company’s glass collecting competition Picture: SUPPLIED

Pupils, teachers and parents are encouraged to participate and do their part in reducing their carbon footprint, while standing a chance of winning great cash prizes.

“So challenge the schools in your area and see who can collect the most glass during this year,” TGRC’s CEO Shabeer Jhetam said.

“Schools wishing to participate will need to request a glass bank for their school; this will be where the community will be able to deposit their glass bottles and jars for recycling.

“The presence of a glass bank encourages parents, pupils, teachers and local residents to engage in responsible recycling behaviour by separating their recyclables,” he said.

Instilling important knowledge about green behaviour in South Africa’s next generation will see the country’s young minds engaging in sustainable solutions, Jhetam said.

In addition to a glass bank, TGRC will supply curriculum- compliant material to enable teachers to facilitate a holistic view of the glass recycling process for their pupils.

“We are committed to bringing a greener, cleaner country to the next generation, and our aim is to educate and encourage young consumers to ‘recover, reuse and recycle’, as well as to emphasise how glass recycling positively impacts the environment with minimal effort,” Jhetam said.

The goal of this competition is for schools in Gauteng, Western Cape, Durban and Pietermaritzburg to collect the most glass bottles and jars for recycling.

This year, East London and Port Elizabeth schools can also take part in the competition.

The schools that collect the highest tonnage of glass in each of the specified regions will win monthly prizes of up to R1500 and annual cash prizes of up to R30000 for their schools.

The competition commences in February and will close in October, so schools are encouraged not to waste time in participating.

Schools can still enter throughout the year, as they will be in line to win monthly cash prizes as well.

“TGRC is excited to be running the annual glass recycling schools competition again.

“It is so important for the youth of today to know the difference they will be making by recycling their glass and the benefits this will have for the environment.

“This is a fun and interactive competition for schools and pupils and we hope everyone will get involved in 2017,” Jhetam said.

Last year, the contributing schools collected about 1.7 million bottles and jars.

By recycling this amount of glass, enough energy is saved to operate a computer constantly for more than 12 years, and a TV for eight years, Jhetam said.

He said it was a phenomenal effort made by the participating schools.

To enter and for more information, visit www.tgrc.co.za or contact Thandi Sibanya on (011)463-5644 or at thandi@tgrc.co.za


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