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Thumbs up for Lions feeding scheme at Breidbach Clinic

CARING FOR OTHERS: Peter Moses of the Lions looks on as Breidbach Seniors Club members help feed the needy at the soup kitchen at Breidbach Clinic on Tuesday Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

NEEDY people and patients of Breidbach Clinic have commended and praised the Lions for a soup kitchen hosted at the old clinic building on Tuesday.

The Lions’s Peter Moses and Ryan von Abo, with the assistance of the Breidbach Seniors Club, dished up food to more than 400 people and children.

“We have this initiative once a month. The numbers are increasing by more than 40 or 50 people every month, which is proof of how huge the need is in the community,” Moses said.

“The saddest part of this soup kitchen was when a child of about three years told her mother to ask the ‘grannies’ to give them more bread to take home.”

He said the words really touched him deeply and the girl’s wish was granted.

“I never felt so sad after hearing the words of the poor child. Even the faces of the grannies changed after her request,” he said.

Breidbach senior Theresa Rose said there were many other children who had come with their mothers who might have had the same wish but were too shy to ask because of the hundreds of people present.

“We know to give mothers with children more food as they really depend on handouts due to the poverty within our community,” Rose said.

“The Lions are doing a very important and meaningful job in their quest to bring relief among our people and they must keep on with the good work.”

Von Abo said what motivated him even more was the appreciation shown by the beneficiaries after receiving food.

“You can see the appreciation on their faces when they are given food and they were not shy to ask for more.”

A single mother of one child, Heraldine Jacobs, said she looked forward to the Lions Club soup kitchen.

“Although it is only once a month, we all enjoy this soup kitchen as the Lions serve food with a smile,” Jacobs said.


said: “This soup kitchen is simply the best around and it is just a pity it comes once per month.”


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