Talent search on for Ultimate Performer

ENTRIES are now open for the PnA Ultimate Performer and organisers are thrilled to announce GO! & Express and big sister newspaper, Daily Dispatch, as media partners for this event.

SHOW YOUR STUFF: The posters are up and entries are open for the PnA Ultimate Performer with the GO! & Express and Daily Dispatch on board as media sponsors

This is a wonderful opportunity for East Londoners who are growing – and learning – as performers and who are passionate about the performing arts, to come together as one force on the Guild Stage for one night only.

The unique element of this event is that it encourages collaboration between the art forms and in the very least offers opportunities for music, drama, dance studios and different schools to be part of something fun, vibrant and entertaining together and provides an excellent platform to build new friendships while showcasing unique talents and abilities. Our slogan for Ultimate Performer is: “One Winner, One Ultimate Performer …Your Time to Shine”.

Entries are open and can be completed online on www.performanceplatform.co.za with this entry form being user- friendly on any mobile device.

Registration for entering (if not completed online) takes place tomorrow at the PnA premises in Old Transkei Road, Nahoon from 2 to 5pm. All performers are required to attend the vibrant and fun registration at PnA.

Use this day to hand in music, fetch a PnA Ultimate Performer shirt and receive your exciting Steers Nahoon/Wakaberry/PnA discount vouchers. You can also enter online prior to registration but are still required to attend registration.

Keep watching for new prize information and upcoming details. Get your entry in by going online to www.performanceplatform.co.za to complete the entry form and show East London your unique talents and abilities. Don’t miss out on exciting prizes and the excitement and vibe of being part of the Guild Final.

The preliminary competition, where performers showcase their various items in front of a panel of judges from the East London Performing Arts community – takes place at Vincent Park on March 11 and 12.

Vincent Park has been host to the preliminary round for a number of years and provides and exciting passer-by “talent off the street” element, where shoppers can enter on the day and be part of the excitement.

Those items scoring the highest totals from the judges are then selected to partake in the semi-final for their age group which takes place on March 25 at the Guild Theatre.

The “Best of the Best” from this round are required to perform at the final, which by then has become a relatively smooth theatre variety show with all the excitement and exuberance of live theatre – providing not only a thrilling evening for audiences, but more importantly, a real-life theatre event for performers providing much desired exposure and experience needed by many.


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