A toast to a generation of ITEC

Events kick off to mark NGO’s anniversary

ITEC’s Jamboree, held last Tuesday, was the kick off to a series of events to be held throughout this year in recognition of ITEC’s 30 years of support and service to the community.

The event saw various organisations and government departments including Childline and the Department of Justice join in an effort to share their services and knowledge.

ITEC was founded in 1987, at the height of unrest in South Africa. It consisted of former school teachers and principals, who joined and shared resources to support battling schools within the Eastern Cape.

Since then, ITEC has evolved into a strong support structure for practitioners in early childhood development centres (ECD’s). ITEC has identified the essential package every child needs to succeed, which includes social protection, early learning, health care, good nutrition and support for parents.

“Our main focus is training and support for teachers. We focus mainly on maths, science and literacy but we also offer computer training,” ITEC’s managing director Caroll Warmberg said.

ITEC offers literacy and training programmes for ECDs and practitioners.

“Our main aim is to provide reading material and resources to under-resourced schools. We help teachers to obtain and understand the proper resources they need for their classrooms,” head of the literacy programme Angela Tuson said.

Over the next few months ITEC will hold various events and programmes including visiting and working with under-resourced creches.

ITEC will identify what resources or support these creches may need and ensure that the relevant organisations assist them.

These events will culminate with an annual general meeting dinner in September.

FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY: Emily Nkinana from the Department of Justice, addresses the audience emphasising the responsibility parents have to protect their children. Justice was one of the many departments and organisations that attended ITEC’s Jamboree to celebrate their 30th anniversary Picture: MADELEINE CHAPU


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