Lace up the tekkies for a humble cause

ALL HYPED UP: Child Welfare East London staff Sinclair Makoba, Soraya Leeuw and Tricia Haywood are getting ready for the TekkieTax Day. This year the organisation wants to reach out the children living on the streets

IT’S time to lace up your tekkies for a good cause.

National Tekkie Tax day is an annual fundraising campaign for a large mix of carefully selected welfare organisations, schools and institutions in South Africa.

NGOs that are accountable, reliable and have a history of good service have been chosen as beneficiaries of this campaign.

Child Welfare East London will this year celebrate their fourth Tekkie Tax day and are planning to to reach out to children who are living on the streets. A group of staff from Child Welfare East London will be handing the children food, clothes and blankets as winter is around the corner.

“To make this day a success, the organisation would also like to make a call to the entire East London community to assist them with food, clothes and blankets for children from the ages of between 0 and 14 years,” organising team member for Tekkie Tax day Abongile Davani said.

“It is quite a privilege to be part of the big campaign supporting different NGO sectors, especially children, who are the most vulnerable group in our communities. It is also a big thing for us as we are the voice of East London.

“We also have to highlight the fact that the portion we raise from the campaign, of course through the helping hands of the community, helps us to constantly render our services at the best of our abilities,” Davani said.

All you have to do is to choose a Tekkie Tax sticker. There are five different stickers available, each representing a beneficiary sector.

Depending on where your heart lies, you can choose which of the five sectors you would like to support and you can choose more than one. You can also buy a pair of funky Tekkie Tag shoelaces that you can wear on National Tekkie Tax day on May 26. Stickers cost R10 and shoelaces are R35.

“The most significant sections for our organisation are children and education because Child Welfare East London renders its services to children, specifically those who are abused, neglected, abandoned, orphaned and children affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS,” Davani added.



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