CHEERS TO US: Clive and Yvonne Quirk celebrated 50 years of marriage last week. Clive and Yvonne (Bergh) were married on March 18 1967 in the Presbyterian Church, East London by Reverend Campbell. They have two children, Gregory and Melanie. Greg lives in New Zealand with his family and Mel in East London. Between their two kids, they have four grandchildren. Quen is 19 years-old, Matthew is 13 years-old. Ethan is 15 years-old and Helena is 11 years-old. They have been blessed with continued good health.

They both lead active lifestyles and are very happy living in East London where they have many friends. Their family and friends congratulate them on this amazing milestone and wish them many more years of good health and happiness together Picture: SUPPLIED


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