Doors open for EL singer Swazi Sibam, 12

Everything seems to be going according to plan for Swazi Sibam, East London’s 12-year-old multi-talented songbird who is set to perform at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel in the US later this year.

GOING PLACES: Singer Swazi Sibam heads for the United States later this year Picture: SISIPHO ZAMXAKA

Sibam, who started singing at the age of six, said she had always wanted to share a stage with global artists such as Justin Bieber and Adele.

The Grade 7 pupil from Merrifield School recently participated in the Ultimate Performer competition where she scooped two gold medals for singing and acting in the junior division.

“I can just see that everything is falling into place, everything happening in my life is taking me where I want to be.

“I started singing from a very young age and this was inspired by my mother, who not only read me bedtime stories, but sang me to sleep.

“I got so used to it, I couldn’t sleep without hearing a song, until I started imitating her and that’s how I fell in love with singing.”

Sibam said she was ready for the global stage.

The budding star recalled her first performance in front of an audience.

“I was in Grade 1 at Stirling primary. I didn’t have a backtrack and all I could hear was my voice. I was so nervous I literally wet myself. But the feedback I received from my friends and teachers was so worth it and it also encouraged me to continue.”

The youngster with the bold voice said she had always lived in the shadow of her elder sister Umtha, 16, who is also attending the Walt Disney World Swan for modelling and dancing.

“My sister is highly talented and has always tried to get me involved in the things she does…

“If it weren’t for my sister, my music teacher Mrs Mclaren and my mom, whom I know is always somewhere backstage praying for me, I would never have come so far and would not have gained the confidence I have now. Not forgetting my dad with all of his support. I have been incredibly blessed and I want to encourage other children to also be inspired to follow their dreams and watch doors open for them.”

She said while her music career thrived she would “never neglect my books, because I still want to study to be a dermatologist. I want to use my own products to ensure I look good on stage and don’t age quickly.”


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