Food, cash donations pour in to secure Child Welfare’s future

Public show of support

THE public in the city has once again shown they are people who care after coming to the aid of the East London Child Welfare following a GO! & Express article last month.

GENEROUS SUPPORT: The East London public again opened their hearts and, this time it was East London Child Welfare, that benifited from their generous spirit. Donations of food and pledges have been pouring in after the organisation faced threat of closure due to their dire financial situation

The much-needed support came after a Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) statement released last month, reflected the organisation’s dire and fragile financial state.

The organisation is South Africa’s oldest and largest non-government child protection organisation. CWSA encompasses an umbrella body, supporting 164 member organisations, impacting the lives of about two million South Africans annually, with 116 000 active cases.

The financial setbacks of CWSA directly affected the East London Child Welfare, who, not too long ago were facing closure as a result of financial struggles, much like their parent organisation.

After the GO! & Express article published on February 23 (“Help Child Welfare”) that appealed to the public for support and donations of any kind, East London Child Welfare received the assistance they so desperately needed.

“It has been a rollercoaster time since the article regarding a request for partnership to assist us in rendering child protection services to all the vulnerable children in Buffalo City,” East London Child Welfare Director, Soraya Leeuw, said.

Help Child Welfare

Local businesses, churches and individuals wasted no time, and in less than two months, East London Child Welfare is no longer in a fragile financial state.

Among these generous donors and supporters were Harry’s Printers, the St Saviour’s Anglican Church, BKB Sales, Neville Austin and his marketing and design team from Hemingways Casino and Hotel, Ramona Chalmers, Bronwyn Jackson and River Park Ministries (Faith Cares).

EL Child Welfare received donations, food parcels, marketing and campaign materials and pledges of ongoing and sustainable support for years to come.

“Our “hand up” and not a “hand out” philosophy is clearly embodied in the kind and generous nature of the people of East London. On behalf of all the children we serve, we are blessed by all the different ways in which people responded, to ensure that together we are keeping our children safe,” Leeuw said.

Despite the precarious financial position Child Welfare SA find themselves in, their dedication to child protection remains unwavered and in an effort to turn their situation around and raise much-needed funds, CWSA have initiated the RU1 campaign.

The RU1 campaign calls for the same kind and generous nature the people of the city displayed towards East London Child Welfare.

Individuals, companies and organisations can choose to commit to donating specific amounts (R12, R120, R1200, R12000, R120000) per annum. Companies are also called to commit to allocating part of their Corporate Social Investment resources, professional services and/or equipment in support of CWSA and its future.

Children have no control over their circumstances and for 93 years, CWSA has taken the responsibility to ensure the safety of these children, when others have abandoned, abused or failed them. The RU1 campaign will have an immediate impact in the financial turnaround of CWSA. For anyone interested in joining the RU1 campaign please visit



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