Major art exhibit in city

FLORADALE Fine Art Gallery, once again, offers the public of East London, great quality, innovative and always creative, new work.

Rose Warren

The Exhibition, EQUINOX, will be open to the public from tomorrow (April 7) at our usual times.

It is truly an amazing feat that these artists are able to put new work on show so regularly and yet keep to their very high standard.

will open the show tonight (April 6) so it should be an informative and interesting talk.

Also offered on Saturday, all day at Floradale, will be Unique and Beautiful Things – a cornucopia of lovely gifts at very reasonable prices.

Apart from the artist’s small “things” the wonderful work done by the Crafters of the Craft Gallery will also be on sale. Double art and craft offerings this time, therefore. See You There!

For more information, call Rose on 078-294-7252 or Glenda 072-341-1099.


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