‘This is not a march against the ANC but against Zuma’ – EFF

The EFF has reiterated that Wednesday’s National Day of Action march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria is not against the ANC‚ but only against President Jacob Zuma.


Protesters at the #NationalDayofAction stamp on a T-shirt showing President Jacob Zuma’s face.

Dali Mpofu told the crowd‚ which police estimate to be close to 100‚000‚ that the march was only in aimed at getting rid of Zuma.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa cited the recent credit downgrades as one of the main reasons he wanted Zuma to step down.

“There is corruption‚ lawlessness and land issues. But chief among these issues is the plunging economy‚” said Holomisa.

“Everyone will suffer. The rich will become poorer but worse‚ the poor will become poorer‚” he said.

‘If not wanting Zuma is racist‚ then we are proud racists’ – Malema

He said that according to the ruling party‚ only Zuma was right – while the credit agencies‚ the Public Protector‚ the Constitutional Court and opposition parties were all misguided.

“Yet the powers that be remain unknown. We must find a way to discuss SA’s future under one roof and we may soon need to have a summit. Not only should we find solutions to our current challenges‚ but more importantly we must leave behind a prosperous South Africa for future generations‚” Holomisa said.




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