Joy as Breidbach hall gets a makeover

THE Breidbach community hall has been upgraded into an attractive building that the community can be proud of, after numerous complaints were reported by organisers of events and revellers.

The GO! ran an article in November after community members expressed their shock and disgust at the poor condition of the hall and demanded immediate action from authorities.

NEW START: The Breidbach Community Hall was recently upgraded and is sporting a new look after numerous complaints were reported to Buffalo City Municipality authorities by members of the community Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

Some of the complaints reported were that rain poured through holes in the roof during events and toilets were in a filthy and unhygienic state without any toilet paper in the ablutions.

Sanco interim leader, Deon Alexander, at the time condemned the authorities for what he described as “the pathetic state our community hall”.

Vandalism also contributed to the poor condition of the facility after numerous incidences of housebreakings and theft were reported. The GO! reporter accompanied members of Sanco on a visit to the facility last week and was shown around by Buffalo City Municipality (BCM) Metro superintendent of halls, Yaliwe Govuza.

A wall has now been built around the premises. The fencing was also fixed as well as the toilet facilities.

“The municipality has spent a lot of money to fix the hall and we will also replace the old chairs with new ones,” Govuza said.

“Security at the facility will also be put in place and we appeal to you as Sanco to talk to the community to appreciate it and look after it as their own,” Govuza stressed. Sanco interim secretary, Desmond Coetzee, applauded BCM on a job well do for having responded to the outcry of the community.

“We are indeed happy that our hall has been upgraded and that an office for our ward councillor forms part of the hall so that the councillor can attend to the complaints of the community,” Coetzee said.

“A local contractor was one of the companies tasked and local youth were employed to which we are happy. But we still have questions which need to be answered, like why an outside company was also given the biggest slice of the cake by doing the roofing.”

Coetzee furthermore asked that security officials who are to be appointed to be selected from the community to safeguard the facility.


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