Parry reaches out to children of Garcia Flats

Easter treat for kids

AS PART of her community project, Kennita Parry held an Easter celebration for the Garcia Flats community last week Saturday.

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The event was all about family and the community coming together. It was aimed at providing a safe and fun environment for the children

Easter treats, including hot cross buns, chips, cool drinks and other snacks were provided to the mostly needy children. There was also a colourful jumping castle and water slide.

Despite the cold weather, the kids braved the elements and enjoyed splashing around.

“It’s very nice for our kids. They are having so much fun. I wasn’t going to let them play on the slide because it’s cold but I couldn’t take them away from all the fun,” Garcia Flats resident and parent Malitha Velthuysen said.

Another resident of the flats for low income-earners, Anette Foster, said: “Many here do not have the opportunity to provide for Easter and it’s hard on the kids. It was an excellent event for the children and the community to come together”.

Parry has been running her community project in Garcia Flats and other vulnerable areas around East London, feeding children and having parties on special occasions. Her aim is to give back to the community as much as she can and create a sense of unity.

“I’m trying very hard to make a difference and it was really nice to see the kids laughing and smiling,” Parry said.

Christmas lunch for those in need

One of the appreciative residents, Buller Pretorius, said: “Kennita has done so much for the Garcia Flats community over the years. This event was the best for all of us.”

Another parent of one of the kids, Sandra September, said: “Kennita is very involved in the community. She’s a very caring person and she gives back and organises events like this for us as often as she can. My wish is that this will go on and on. Our kids really need this, its so nice to see them so happy.”

Parry’s community project relies on sponsors and donations. “Whatever I have I give to the community, but without my sponsors my project would not be possible. A very special thank you goes to all the sponsors for supporting me,” Parry said.

The sponsors of this Easter event include OK Food Cambridge, Mandrin Funeral Parlour, John and Moira Bossr and L2K Construction – among many others.

“I love to see people happy and I plan on giving back to my community for as long as I can,” Parry said.

She will be hosting a Mother’s Day event in May and if anyone wants to offer sponsorship or donations, they can contact Parry on 061-318-8497.


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