Meier enjoys 100th birthday milestone

STILL GOING STRONG: Olga Meier of Nahoon is 100 years old

OLGA Auguste Victoria Meier (born Hempel) celebrated her 100th birthday last week Monday. Olga was born on April 17 1917 in the Maclaentown area.

In 1940 she married Kenneth Meier and they moved to Welcomewood (between King William’s Town and Kidds Beach).

Olga had two children, a son Hubert Meier and a daughter, Eunice Hein. Sadly, her son passed away in March 2015. Her daughter married a farmer and still lives in the area. She has seven grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

They lived on a smallholding and started growing fruit and flowers which they sold on the German market. She also had a great love for animals. Olga’s hobbies were herbs which she grew and studied for their medicinal uses. She always loved knitting, crochet and music in her spare time and up to two years ago, she still made blankets for charity at her much loved Lutheran Church. She worked at all their fund-raisers and bazaars. After they were bought out by the government in 1964, they shifted to Bon Ami in the Fort Grey area, where they continued their gardening. Unfortunately, this came to an end when they were victims of a horrible armed robbery in June 1978. Both she and Ken were beaten and tied-up. Olga managed to cut herself loose with a piece of glass and ran for help. The family moved to Greenfields where Ken died in June 1998.

Thereafter Olga moved in with their son and daughter-in-law in Nahoon where she still resides today.


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