Jafta now oncologist

THE Rotary Club of East London has welcomed back Rotarian Dr Zuki Jafta who recently qualified as a radiation oncologist.

NEWLY QUALIFIED: Dr Zuki Jafta recently completed her studies and is now a qualified radiation oncologist heading a new oncology unit at Frere Hospital Picture: SUPPLIED

Jafta spent four years commuting from East London to Cape Town every week to obtain her qualification. With a young family of three children but a very supportive husband, Gcina, this was no easy ride. Zuki had previously been in hospital management and founded an ARV clinic at the Frere Hospital in East London.

After her father was diagnosed with cancer, when it was too late to save him, Zuki was determined to enter the oncology field to do her part in fighting cancer.

She regaled the club on her four-year experience, with her inimitable sense of humour. She moved her children’s birthdays to the nearest weekend, so she could be with them to celebrate. The bemused children asked if this was a permanent date change!

When she received news that she had passed, she phoned the family and said: “Mummy passed!” With no hesitation, the response was: “When are you coming home?”

Jafta shared her passion for her profession, explaining the complexities of HIV, TB and cancer. The majority of patients were too afraid to know their HIV status and this presented a major hurdle in treatment planning.

Now heading a new oncology unit at Frere Hospital, Jafta explained that multi-disciplinary teams worked together on patient treatment. With the latest equipment and modern technology at her disposal, Jafta will only thrive in her new venture and East London is proud to have her home.

Congratulations Dr Jafta from the Rotary Club of East London


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