Residents bemoan overgrown lawn

SUNNYRIDGE residents have expressed their fears – and concern – about overgrown grass on municipal land near Kuswag Primary School.

JUNGLE OUT THERE: Sunnyridge residents have expressed their fear and concern about overgrown grass on municipal land near Kuswag Primary School Picture: STEVE HATTON

It is another case of Buffalo City Metro (BCM) residents battling it out, as service delivery issues continue in the form of neglect and lack of upkeep. Sunnyridge residents said they have been unsuccessful in receiving any assistance from Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM).

“The grass in Lansdowne Road, Sunnyridge has gotten really long and it is becoming a security risk to the school children [from Kuswag and George Randell] that walk past it every day before and after school,” Sunnyridge resident, Steve Hatton said.

“The municipality used to keep the grass short due to [high rate of] crime in the area, but since October last year, when I first moved in, I have not seen BCM cut the grass at all.”

Hatton’s home was previously owned by Peter de Vries, who, on many occasions was forced to phone and make a scene in order to get the BCMM to cut the grass to make the area safer.

“We lived there for 34 years and there were countless muggings and hit-and-runs. “School kids walking past had cellphones stolen many times,” de Vries said.

He also said the park in Sunnyridge was very neglected. “On more than one occasion I’ve noticed the grass in the park as well. The swings and merry-go-round are barely visible through the overgrown grass. It’s supposed to be a safe place for kids to play,” he said.

After attempting to report the issue to BCMM, apparently to no avail, Hatton and his neighbours contacted the DA attempting to get a petition signed.

“I have phoned the municipality various times, but they just keep transferring me from one useless person to the next,” Hatton said.

“Lansdowne Road is a very quiet area, making it an easy spot for criminals to get up to mischief, especially with the long grass in which they can hide.”

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He is one of many residents affected by the BCM’s neglect and lack of upkeep of Lansdowne Road. Hatton’s neighbour, Thomas Dickason, reinforced the safety risks posed by the long grass.

“We’ve had countless break-ins over the years and most of us have been forced to put up electric fencing in order to give us some sort of security. “The grass has gotten so long, you can’t even see people standing up in it,” Dickason said.

The large area of long and overgrown grass presents a prime spot for criminals to hide in and take chances.

“The land is right opposite our homes and boarders on Kuswag Primary. It’s a major issue,” Dickason added.

“Despite occasionally cutting the grass in the past, we always had to make a scene and report the issue to the municipality countless times, before anything was done about it. Now its been completely forgotten.”

BCM had not responded to queries for comment at the time of going to print.

● This article will form part of a series by the GO! & Express under the “Mend our Metro” banner.


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