Share some warmth in Jersey Week

AS THE winter season approaches, thousands of warm clothing items and blankets will be collected in lieu of Jersey Week.

WARM GESTURE: Thoboshana Primary School, in Nahoon Valley has been one of the recipient schools of Jersey Week multiple times. Jersey week aims to ‘share a little warmth’ with those in need around the city

Jersey Week is an annual event aimed at “sharing a little warmth” with those less fortunate in and around the East London area.

Thousands of warm clothing items, donated by the East London public are collected, sorted and re-packed for distribution to various needy institutions in and around the East London area.

“We are always amazed at the huge quantity of donated items we receive, and it’s always nice if we get a bit more each year, as the need is always greater each year, Jersey Week committee member and Rotary Ann, Kathy Naylor said.

Started in 1983 by Rotary member, Betty Navid, Jersey Week is run by a committee of 15 ladies who, with the help of many volunteers, put this event together every year for the people of East London and surrounds.

Throughout the year, these ladies knit jerseys, beanies, blankets and scarves. Jersey Week also relies on the donations made by schools, churches and individuals.

Jersey Week will take place between May 8 and 10 and during this time, the committee holds various lunches and teas as well as collect, package and distribute the items made and donated.

“It’s a hectic three days, but everyone pulls their weight and it’s fun to be part of it all,” Naylor said.

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Last year 28000 items were collected and distributed.

“The public have already helped greatly with donations this year. We hope that will continue every year,” Naylor said.

Anyone interested in lending a helping hand in support of Jersey week, is invited to volunteer an hour or two of their time between Monday and Wednesday next week from 8am to 3pm at the Cambridge Church Hall in Queen Street.

Individuals can donate anything from money for wool to items of clothing.

For more information or any inquiries contact Alayne Bush, convener of Jersey Week on (043)726-9541.


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