Author’s book puts littering in spotlight

‘Tilly and the Turtle’ aimed at the little ones

DON’T LITTER: Karen Harvey published the book ‘Tilly and the Turtle’ recently. The book aims to teach children not to litter and the dangers it poses to planet Earth Picture: QHAMANI LINGANI

KAREN Harvey has written a children’s book depicting the dangers of littering, with special reference to how littering affects the ocean.

Harvey who published the book, Tilly and the Turtle last month, said she was willing to go around East London schools reading the book to children, where they will also be able to ask questions about littering – and interact with her.

The book is developed around a real- life turtle rescue – and the link to the YouTube video of the rescue, is included at the end of the book.

“An intellectual and an emotional connection can be made and hopefully increase the understanding of how littering damages our environment,” she said. Through her book she intends to gently remind people that actions have consequences.

“It is about showing that even though you can’t see the effects of littering, but once the litter has disappeared down the stormwater drains, there is a definite consequence,” she said.

“What you teach a child at an early age will stick [with them] and they will remember it for the rest of their lives. We need to raise children who are able to take care of the environment.”

Harvey said people had become too careless when it came to the environment.

“We use plastic and then throw it away without thinking what happens to it later. “Animals are harmed by our carelessness and it is bad,” she added.

The author said she hoped children would commune more with nature through reading of the book.

“ We need to raise children who are able to take care of the environment. The book is more about getting the message out there,” Harvey said.

Developing and implementing a waste minimisation initiative for hospitals triggered her interest in taking care of the environment.

If a school would like to invite her to read the book to them, they can call her on 071-350-6910.


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