Two teams at Merrifield College participated in both the Bridge Building and Aqualibrium competitions held by SAICE on Saturday May 5. The Grade 12 team of Dietmar Edumisa Welz, Russell Schwedhelm and Jeffin Thomas, as well as the Grade 10 team of Lirushan Pillay and Ethan Springfield spent many hours during their school break time and after school building their bridges in the science lab. They were tested to breaking point during the competition. The Grade 12 team’s bridge, which was built out of 4mm wooden dowels, weighed only 180g and carried a load of 20kg. The Grade 10s 145g bridge carried 14kg. The Grade 11 team and a team made up of Pillay and matrics James Gibson and Dominic Plaatjes took part in the Aqualibrium (water reticulation) Competition, where the matrics used their experience to achieve fourth place Picture: CATHY SCHWARTZ


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