Nineteen die in possible ‘terrorist incident’ at Ariana Grande concert – video

Police in Manchester‚ England‚ have confirmed that at least 19 people died after an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert late on Monday.

The bombing is being treated “as a terrorist incident”.

In an official statement released on the Greater Manchester Police’s Twitter feed‚ the force said:

“At about 10.33pm…we received reports of an explosion at the Manchester Arena in the city centre. It was at the conclusion of an Ariana Grande concert. Currently we have 19 people confirmed dead and around 50 people injured‚” said Chief Constable Ian Hopkins.

He continued: “We are currently treating this as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise.” “This is an absolutely horrifying incident and our thoughts are with everyone affected‚ especially those who have lost loved ones or been injured and traumatised.

“If it is confirmed this was a terrorist attack it is a monstrous act but also a deeply futile one. Manchester is a proud‚ strong city and we will not allow terrorists who seek to sow fear and division to achieve their aims.

“We give heartfelt thanks to our emergency services for their response and council staff are doing all they can to support.”

Here is the latest statement released by police.

WATCH: Fans evacuate Ariana Grande concert arena after blast


Ariana tweeted: “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”



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