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No more beating around the bush as residents see red about upkeep

OVERGROWN DEN FOR THIEVES: An open land at Scott Road in Milner Estate. Picture : QHAMANI LINGANI

OVERGROWN grass and unkempt bushes have started to outrage East London residents who are asking Buffalo City Metro to see to the problem urgently.

Taking to the Buffalo Flats Ratepayers & Residents Association’s Facebook page recently, residents pointed out areas that needed urgent attention as Greenpoint Road, Ghost Town (Buffalo Flats extension) Park, Kingsley Road, Boeing Road and Henry Meinie Road, while complaints have also been received from Scott Road in Milner Estate.

In Milner Estate, roads are full of potholes but the residents have lost hope in getting them fixed. Now they are pleading with the municipality to cut down the overgrown grass as it has become a haven for thieves in the area.

Kathleen Lottering, who has lived in the area for 42 years, said she has never seen the place in this state and it is disappointing her.

“The grass and bushes are now growing in the middle of the streets and the most dangerous part of it all is that thieves hide behind the long grass and when it is dark, they strike,” she said.

“A couple of weeks ago, a girl came running into my house because she was chased and they wanted to take her cellphone. It is not safe here.”

After a question posted on the Buffalo Flats Ratepayers page, councillor Tessa Margro Botha wrote: “The whole of BCMM needs to be maintained. Take a good look around. We are so frustrated!

“I’ve been fighting to get bush cleared and grass cut in Cambridge West, Cambridge and Berea. At first they did not have equipment and now they have hired equipment but the role-out plan is not being executed as presented to us. BCMM cannot manage and plan properly. Residents have now taken it upon themselves to do it.”

The Ward 4 councillor is in charge of Cambridge, Cambridge West, Berea, Selborne, Chislehurst and Highgate.

“I am encouraging residents in my ward to take it upon themselves to keep certain areas clean because the municipality is not doing it for us and if we leave it up to BCMM, we are going to allow the filth and untidiness to spiral out of control.”

Ann van Dyk wrote on Facebook: “All our areas are overgrown. My husband cuts the grass opposite our house and most of the taxi drivers use it as a spot to pull over and urinate.”

Lottering also mentioned that her neighbours complained about rats and snakes coming into their houses.

“I have been fortunate because I have not experienced it, but my neighbours have. Can the municipality do something please?”

Giving an answer about the state at Milner Estate, BCM spokesperson Sibusiso Cindi said: “Our unit, the municipal services, will send our grass cutters to the area to cut the grass.”

Another resident of Scott Road who wanted to remain anonymous confirmed that there are indeed rats and snakes coming into their homes. “Not only is it a fire hazard but also the fact that large rats and snakes crawl around in that grass, and it’s a danger to us who comes home at night. And we always fear that someone could be hiding away,” she said.



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