Free recording offer for artists

Studio bid to boost EL music

RECORD YOUR SONG: Your dream of recording your own song just became a little easier with IllChane Studio offering free studio time. Engineer and beat maker John Diablo will be waiting to assist you Picture: QHAMANI LINGANI

ILLCHANE Studio is offering free recording time to all East London artists of any genre.

The studio will also help the artists to register their music and upload to all major digital music distributors such as iTunes, Google Play Store and Spotify.

The artist will manage their own account with regard to digital distribution.

IllChane manager Prince Masuku said their studio was fully equipped with quality equipment and they were looking for a chance to help grow East London artists and their music.

“One of our requirements is that the music be uploaded on the studio’s SoundCloud account and the artist distributes that link. The studio is in a safe neighbourhood and any age is welcome, so parents can bring their children and support their interests,” Masuku said.

“This is an initiative that’s been recently initiated, thus we encourage all other experienced artists to help IllChane  in this venture to help build East London artists.

“Producers and audio engineers are extremely encouraged to come and help work on the recordings.”

Artists are still welcome to pay for studio time, meaning that they do not have to have it uploaded on the studio’s SoundCloud account and will be able to leave with their files.

Free recording is only offered at the weekends – on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.



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