Fuel prices drop this week

South Africa can expect a relatively small drop in fuel prices on Tuesday at midnight with the biggest fall coming in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)‚ down 77c a litre.

Fuel prices drop this week. Picture: FILE

Petrol will drop by 25c a litre for both 95 and 93 octane while both grades of diesel will come down by 23c.

A reduction of 22c a litre will be seen in the wholesale price of illuminating paraffin.

The Department of Energy’s central energy fund attributed the fall in fuel prices to both a stronger rand and weaker international oil prices.

The fund sends out data on a daily basis indicating and over- or under-recovery in current prices. These numbers determine the adjustments for the following month. If an under-recovery was recorded prices increase while an over-recovery results in a decrease.


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