Pupil’s winning design flies high

When Lilyfontein School’s new navy blue and orange school flag flutters in the breeze the heart of one teenager is especially proud, because he designed it.

EYE-CATCHING: Lilyfontein Grade 9 pupil Aiden Young, 16, won a competition in which pupils were invited to design the Brakfontein school’s new flag, which now flies alongside the SA flag and Lilyfontein’s eco flag Picture: SUPPLIED

Aiden Young, 16, was one of 25 young designers who responded to the challenge to create a flag that would best represent the Brakfontein school, and his prize is that it is now flying alongside the South African flag and the school’s highly prized green eco flag.

“I looked at other school flags as well as the world’s national flags and saw designs I liked and wanted to incorporate,” said Young, whose eye-catching design includes the school emblems of a book and a lynx upon a banded backdrop of the school colours.

“I didn’t want anything too complex or it would have become confusing, so I decided to keep it simple.”

His first blueprint was executed in pencil crayon and was reformatted with a computer programme with the help of his uncle.

“I feel very proud of myself and am happy that the school now has a flag,” said Young.

Lilyfontein School marketing head Caroline Kruger said the school had decided to open up the flag design process to pupils in order to gain their “buy-in”.

She said Young’s design, and those of two other top contenders, were judged to best fulfil the criteria set by the competition following an appraisal by a panel of teachers, pupils and parents.

Lilyfontein gets green handshake with award

The three designs then went to the pupil polls and Young’s flag came out tops.

“I am very pleased with the flag,” said principal Nic Els.

“It is practical and clear and the fact that it was chosen through a participative process that included staff, parents and pupils means we all have ownership of the flag.”


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