Frere Hospital inundated with offers to help baby Blessing

Offers have been pouring in on social media to help baby Blessing and now an account has been opened for funds to support him.

HOPE FOR BLESSING:Yoliswa Mnyanda with baby Blessing who was found in a black plastic bag in Gonubie last week. He survived the traumatic ordeal and was named Blessing by staff at Frere Hospital. Offers have been pouring in on social media to help the baby and an account has been opened for funds to support him Picture: MICHAEL PINYANA

He was found dumped in a black plastic bag in Gonubie last week.

People have offered to donate clothing, toiletries and some even asked to adopt him.

Frere Hospital’s Facebook page has also been inundated with requests to help baby Blessing after his traumatic entrance into the world.

Blessing, named by hospital staff on Wednesday, was found by a gardener who was sent into the bush by his employer to search for her cat and stumbled upon the cries of the infant.

The healthy baby boy, who weighs about 2.9kg, was found in a bush with his umbilical cord still attached on Tuesday.

Today he is loved by all at the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

Frere Hospital CEO Rolene Wagner said on the weekend: “We have been overwhelmed, but not surprised, by the outpouring of goodwill from the East London community to help our little baby Blessing.

“After consulting with our head office and the chairperson of the Frere Hospital Board, there is agreement that the Frere Hospital Board account may be used as a point for anyone who would like to make a financial contribution to supporting the needs of baby Blessing.

“On Monday [today] we will consult further regarding the administration and disbursement processes of this fund to ensure transparency and accountability to our generous public contributors.

“Should anyone wish to contribute financially, please ensure that the reference to be quoted for any deposits is ‘Blessing’.”

She said money could be paid to: Frere Hospital Board Bank Account, Standard Bank, Branch: 000021, account number: 0000081180691.

“On behalf of baby Blessing, we wish to thank everyone who is contributing to the collection of baby goods and offering to make donations towards his care.”

She thanked those who offered to visit, cuddle and care for baby Blessing. “However, we wish to coordinate such visits and we will inform those interested of the process to follow.”

The public would be able to drop off any donations for Blessing at the hospital once a designated area on the premises had been agreed upon.

A Facebook page “Blessings from me to you East London”, which was set up by Louise Torr, prior to the incident has moved Torr to action.

She told the Dispatch she wanted to help baby Blessing because the name was the same as her page.

“I started this page up last year September, and when I read that the baby’s name was Blessing I knew I had to help him out. We have received so much interest from donors who would like to help the baby boy and we have clothing, baby products and a pram for him,” Torr said.

Delta Thando Fex, who commented on DispatchLIVE’s page said: “I wish I could adopt that baby boy but I know that I won’t qualify.”

Gina Dos Santos wrote: “I so wish I can adopt him.”

Others wished Blessing well. Kim April posted: “Welcome to the world Blessing, God has great plans for your life.”

Mbuzo Qalingoma wrote: “God is good. All the best little boy Blessing.”


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