Call2Action now has Quigney site

BUFFALO City Metropolitan Development Agency (BCMDA), Buffalo City Metro (BCM) and Border-Kei Chamber of Businesses launched the second leg of the Call2Action campaign at the Quigney.

ON THE MOVE : Various stakeholders attended the launch of the first Call-2-Action site in West Bank recently. The different stakeholders has since opened the Quigney site last week as well Picture: SUPPLIED

This follows the launch of the first Call-2-Action site earlier this month in West Bank.

Call-2-Action is a programme aimed to call to action everyone to transform Buffalo City into a clean and green, well governed and innovative metropolitan.

The aim of the campaign is to clean the city and grow employment in the Metro.

Gcinumzi Qotywa, CEO at BCMDA said it is not only about the cleaning, but they are also looking at new development and discussions are not just a pipe dream, they are things they are actually working on.

“One of the immediate tasks that we will launch in the new financial year, which starts in July, is a safety programme. We need to work on this. It is all good and well to launch but the real work begins after we leave here. As the new financial year approaches, a lot will happen,” said Qotywa.

At the launch of the West Bank site recently, executive mayor Xola Phakati said: “Today’s launch comes at a time where our city is faced with the challenge of promoting our metro as a green and clean city. The fact that we are gathered here is a testament that we as the municipality and the different stakeholders commit ourselves to achieving our goal in terms of the Call-2-Action campaign which is to change the face of the city forever. When people of the city and our visitors enter the city from the R72 it will reflect a steady change in terms of cleanliness,” said Phakati.

Various business professionals and associations in the Buffalo City Metro felt it is imperative to keep the city clean and well governed in order to ensure new investments into the city.

The Call-2-Action programme works towards four identified pilot areas in Buffalo City and to keep these areas green and clean. The areas are Settlers Way, Beachfront, Southernwood and Western Avenue/Oxford Street.

The campaign according to Border-Kei Chamber of Business director Les Hoolbrok was first discussed in May last year and have had meetings every week after that. He said joining forces with the municipality made sense.

“Investors want to invest in a city on the move and that’s what we are working towards. We are now a city that is doing something about our surroundings and that speaks volumes to people looking for business or looking to invest in the city,” said Holbrook.

He said they had to move their offices in Southernwood to Beacon Bay because, “they were greeted with garbage on our very doorstep.”


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