Lions welcome 50 CUBS to fold

THE Hudson Port Rex Lions CUBS induction ceremony took place last week at the Hudson Park Primary School Hall.

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The candlelight ceremony saw 50 Port Rex Lions CUBS become official members of the Lions, an international service organisation dedicated to uplifting and serving the community.

Welcomed as official members of the organisation by the Port Rex Lions president, Leslie Human, the CUBS pledged to be shining examples and serve their communities.

Over the past five months, the Grade 6 and 7 Hudson Port Rex Lions CUBS have been serving a probation period, proving their passion and dedication to meet humanitarian needs.

The CUBS have eagerly and successfully run various outreach projects, raised funds, donated items and volunteered for various charity organisations, homes and shelters, including Greensleeves, Pet Pals, Frere Hospital Children’s ward, the SPCA, CHOC and many more.

This year, on the centenary of Port Rex Lions International, the CUBS plan to execute the project 100 – to collect at least 100 items for each project they have planned for the year.

“We are so proud of all the Hudson Port Rex Lions CUBS and it is a privilege to officially welcome them into the organisation,” Human said.

“The work they do makes a huge difference to our community and we thank them for their dedication and service.”

As part of the Lions international 100 year celebration, each club has been asked to touch 100 lives this year. The 100th anniversary coincides with Port Rex Lions’ 50th birthday.
One of their projects saw the CUBS visit the DJ Sobey Old Age Home last month to spoil the elderly at the needy home.

“We decided on this home because they are the most needy home in East London and they don’t get this kind of support often. We had to touch 100 lives by 11 June, so we came to spoil the old people here,” Human said.

Hudson Park pupils entertained the old folk with various music and dance acts and even gave massages as well. Later in the day, members of the Hawks motorcycle club hosted a braai for DJ Sobey residents and took them out for a ride on their bikes.

Hudson teacher and Lions member, Morgan Lands, said he and the Cubs occasionally visited the home for outreach projects.

According to Human, the Cubs collected 100 items per month and handed it to different charities every month. They also feed street children every month.


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