Surfing classes for disabled

IF YOU are a fearless and brave physically disabled individual who would like to learn surfing, there is just a place for you with Adaptive Surfing South Africa launching in East London.

ADAPTIVE SURFING: Jean-Paul Veaudry is inviting physically disable children and adults to join him on the water for adaptive surfing lessons Picture: Pierre de Villiers

Adaptive Surfing enables disabled surfers to grow in surfing as an alternative sport and rehabilitation. By creating a platform where the boundaries and stigmas around disability are being taken down. The organisation that has been formed to develop adaptive surfing in South Africa,

further allows adaptive athletes to compete against and alongside abled bodied athletes.

Chairman of the Buffalo City branch, Jean Paul Veaudry, also a professional surfer, said they are also looking for volunteers who will ensure that all surfers are kept safe in the water and their individual needs are met to create a great atmosphere for everyone.

We welcome everyone from all different ages. Adaptive Surfing was started because we wanted to create awareness that disabled people can also do what abled bodied people can. Anyone who has a physical disability is welcome. It is an extreme sport but very fun,” said Veaudry.

He mentioned that they are looking for sponsorships so that they are able to go out to attract more interested people from different communities.

It is a great thing to be part of and if people are scared of the water, they can just come to the beach and watch, that will definitely encourage them to do it,” he said.

If you are or know of individuals or schools that might be interested, contact Veaudry on 083-611-0007 or email


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