Beauty Academy’s kind gesture to SPCA family

MANY THANKS: The Beauty Academy in Berea collected and donated pet food to the East London SPCA recently. The donation was thankfully accepted by SPCA manager Allen Westerberg Picture: THANDEKA NTLONTI

EAST London SPCA kindly accepted a generous donation of animal food, blankets and bowls from Beauty Academy International recently.

“We do fundraising events on a regular basis as our students raise money for their own graduation at the end of the year. We like to try to incorporate charity work [as well] like we have done with SPCA,” Beauty Academy first-year lecturer, Melanie Tharrat, said.

The donations to the SPCA came at the right time as they are facing a dire financial situation.

“The food has come at a crucial time, as we are on the last of our stocks at this time,” East London SPCA general manager Allen Westerberg said. “We are battling to meet our day-to-day costs. We do have a debit order facility with the bank, and anyone interested in donating a monthly amount is free to come in and complete the form.”

Tharrat said they will continue to educate their students about social responsibility programmes by supporting local charities and people in need.

“It is wonderful to meet all the people that so generously give of their time and money to us in making the lives of our animals more comfortable,” she said.

The SPCA says it would like to thank the Beauty Academy and all involved for their wonderful support and the good work that they do.


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