Congratulations to the 12 winners for the Picture- Perfect Baby Competition at Beacon Bay Retail Park

CONGRATULATIONS to those who were chosen as the 12 winners in this year’s. A big thank you to everyone who entered making the judging very tough.

The prizes for the first three in each age group

We are proud to announce the winners as follows:

0 – 6 Months

1st Place – Sophia Kruger

2nd Place – Chloé Steyn

3rd Place – Kate Augustine


7 – 12 Months

1st Place – Samuel Knock

2nd Place – Tayden Stoter

3rd Place – Titus Fritz


13 – 18 Months

1st Place – Connor Nel

2nd Place – Uyivile Zwednla

3rd Place – Alexa Hansen

19 – 24 Months

1st Place – Emelia Veaudry

2nd Place – Lanaé Faraguna

3rd Place – Olivia Botha

Watch the GO & Express next week for photos of the 1st place winners or visit


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