Help for survivors of rape, violence

MASITHETHE Counselling Services in conjunction with Resurrection Support Centre have started a support group for rape and domestic violence survivors.

The services will be available at the Amalinda Stadium every first Thursday of the month, from 11am.

Jackie Orsmond, director at Masithethe (formerly Lifeline/Childline) said they were very concerned about the increasing levels and incidence of violence perpetuated against women and children.

“We have decided to start a support group for survivors of domestic violence and rape,” she said.

“Survivors will have an opportunity to talk about their experience and we will offer support, information and counselling to them.

“We will meet on the first Thursday of every month at the Amalinda Sports Stadium at 11am.

“Masithethe and Resurrection are victim empowerment centres which assist survivors with counselling and support.”

Administrator at Resurrection Support Centre, Lumka Swanana said their doors were open to help and give support to women who have been through a lot.

“Women go through so much heartache; some deal with children that consume alcohol and drugs.

“Some deal with husbands that come home drunk. Some are financially, physically and emotionally abused. We are here for such people. We shall give them a platform to talk and be advised,” Swanana said.

Orsmond encouraged people to wear black on Thursdays as a symbol of strength and courage, representing their solidarity with victims and survivors of violence, and calling for a world without rape and violence.

“Thursdays in Black encourages everyone, men and women, to wear black every Thursday. This can be a campaign T-shirt, other black clothing or simply a campaign badge as a sign of their support.

“Wearing black on Thursdays shows others that you are tired of putting up with violence, and calls for communities where we can all walk safely without fear; fear of being beaten up, fear of being verbally abused, fear of being raped, fear of discrimination,” she said.

Contact Masithethe on (043)722-2000 or Swanana on 061-393-1410.


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